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We will answer these questions. So, F. LLC, which is known to everyone under the Fonbet brand, was founded in by Anatole Machulsky, who died in London on February 17,at the age of But the company began to bring billions only in the two thousandth - after the ban on legal casinos.

And only inthe company showed official white profits. Almost all journalistic investigations lead to the fact that Fonbet was closely associated with the Russian Mafia and Sergei Lalakin, nicknamed Luchok. Inthe newspaper Kommersant. Gambling is exactly where Luchok started. And Fontanka wrote that in the s Sergey Lalakin participated in the work of the Marathon bookmaker, created by Anatoly Machulsky, the founder of the Chess Shop, the founder of Fonbet.

Some journalists wrote about the business connections of Luchka Jr. InNovaya Gazeta in its investigation pointed to a possible connection between the Lalakin family and the family of the main curator of the gaming business in the government - Deputy Finance Minister Tatyana Nesterenko. In addition, Lalakin owned a house in a cottage village in the Istra district of the Moscow region - next to the house of Tatyana Nesterenko, "the newspaper wrote.

But these are all indirect connections. There are much more direct ones. And he is a partner of Maxim Lalakin in his business. Co-owner of the bath complex - Lalakin Jr. These baths are famous for being not very safe there. Rumor has it that management uses illegal methods of wiretapping and other surveillance there to blackmail unlucky couple lovers and negotiate in an informal setting. They write that Magomedov could be an active participant in this conversation, which went into firing.

After the shootout, the restaurant was of course closed. And now the Fonbet flagship office is located there.

The name of the real owner of this package is unknown to the vast majority of top managers of betting companies and people familiar with this business who have been interviewed by The Bell. The only one who said that he knew the beneficiary of Fonbet refused to give that name". The physical protection of the leadership of Fonbet was xbet букмекерская контора приложение by Jafar Abuev Jeffwho at that time was an adviser to the chairman of the government of Dagestan now a deputy from United Russia in the parliament of Dagestan.

Despite a high state post, Jafar Abuev is a typical "entrepreneur" of the 90s who, by force, gained actual control over the North Caucasus Railway. However, after Fonbet was nevertheless excluded from the list of backbone enterprises, the company began mass reductions of employees, even despite multibillion-dollar profit.

People thrown into the street began to call names. But we managed to learn more. The next point of the investigation is the chic private club "Freemont Hills" near Los Angeles, of which the whole Machulsky family became members, including Vasilisa and her second daughter, Sophia. Sophia Machulskaya is a citizen of Russia and Israel, and it is easy to trace ties with the business of her father from the time of chess youth. There is information in open sources that she owns the Bulgarian company of her father.

Sophia Machulskaya is engaged in the construction of commercial real estate in California. Sophia Machulskaya is a participant in millions of dollars of litigation.

Sophia Machulskaya is a co-owner of a company that controls elite real estate in the UK. She also has companies in Luxembourg and Panama. Machulsky himself would not have been a grandmaster if he had not looked after a friend, partner and guide in business for the heirs. Then he worked in software and bought it from world leaders for the site www.

And inthe media presented him as the chief analyst of Fonbet. The son of Alexei Khobot owned another bookmaker with a small turnover of million rubles. That is, the profit from the game that is played on official resources registered in Russia. His income obtained in this way, Hobot invests in the Cyprus village of Coral Bay. They say that the Trunk renounced Russian citizenship in favor marathonbet клиент скачать Cyprus and Israel in in order to more securely hide behind the nominal beneficiary of the Greek Antonis Zertalis.

But behind it is not only the white part of Fonbet, which brings official income and taxes in Russia. The fact is that Fonbet evades paying taxes on profits earned from about half of the players.

Here is how the Fontanka newspaper described the situation in "market players explain that the betting market now actually exists in two Internet zones: the" ru "zone and the" com "zone. Everything that passes through the "ru" zone is officially registered and is reported. The "com" zone is actively blocked by Roskomnadzor. The representative of the betting world answered the questions that had arisen: "Neither Roskomnadzor nor the tax can prove anything, and it is unlikely that Fontanka will succeed.

And the head of the First Self-Regulatory Organization of Bookmakers, Yuri Krasovsky, reported that about billion rubles came from the illegal sector, that is, the "com" zone. The illegal fonbet.

But the director in it is our good familiar face value Antonis Zertalis. The sites of the legal and illegal "Fonbet" are almost identical, and to prove that these sites are managed by the same people would not be difficult at all. A lot in common in the structure of corporate governance.

The secretary and president of banned fonbet. Such a direct legal connection the same people in the leadership of the legal and illegal Fonbet always created serious risks for the main "white" Fonbet, but these risks are offset by active GR-work. Init was an illegal business that caused a serious hit on the company.

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Ina number of "gray" bookmakers had serious problems: on February 20, a criminal case was opened under part 2 of art. The Investigative Committee did not name specific suspects - only "unidentified employees of F. According to the investigation, only from June 27 to July 18, that is, for three weeks the income of F. LLC from the gray website "fonbet. But the nominee director did not surrender the real beneficiaries - Machulsky and Trunk.

But the main complaints from the authorities were precisely to them. And it was they who were originally the goal of the investigation. Later, he himself was sentenced to 12 years for organizing a criminal community and provoking bribes.

Unidentified employees were accused of having Fonbet branches accepting Internet bets that were prohibited in Russia at that time.

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The general director of the company Igor Khokhlov received two years probation, and the case was closed". The main question was: "did the investigating authorities know about the legal connection of the legal Fonbet and the forbidden Fonbet? Two years conditionally for a nominee director means only one thing in our system: the parties were able to agree.

Sources say that it was at this moment that the share of the Machulsky family and the share of Khobot was hidden, and in addition to the reputable founders, the "resolvers" conglomerate came to the company. The previous All-Star Week was held in Tatarstan where, for the first time, fonbet twitch tv festivities were shared among three cities — Kazan, Nizhnekamsk and Almetyevsk. The action starts on Jan. The celebrations come to a climax the following weekend with the Skill Show on Jan.

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Western Conference more info. Moscow The All-Stars are going back to where it all began — in the very heart of Russia. Moscow is a city with a rich history. The meeting point of different eras can be felt in the contrast between the ancient streets of Kitai-Gorod and the ultramodern designs of nearby Zaryadye Park. To the south of the city, the Sparrow Hills offer some of the best views of the capital: on a clear day, visitors can admire the domes of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, St.

Its buildings are a unique mix of different eras and styles which blend together seamlessly.

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