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In this article, I am going to work through how to set up a simple piece of Betfair Automation on Bet Angel that will identify a horse within a Why am I so open about my trading results?

Author Peter Webb Posted on 16th April.

These are terms reserved To tackle one of these issues they made amendments Cheltenham is behind us, and the flat season is officially underway and this weekend we have the last major jumps meeting of the year which is, of course, nations Trading Strategies Read More. Betfair Trading Strategies Featured. Creating a trading plan for any Betfair trading strategy you wish to choose is essential.

It will define what you do and why and Now as we come towards the end ofyou may be tempted to reflect over the profit you have made over this last I want to tell you a story about the perfect golf Curiously, the first ever bet I placed on the Betfair exchange, was on Horse Racing Read More. To tackle one of Bet Angel sits between you and the exchange and allows you to place orders, faster, more effectively and with much more complexity than the traditional web site interface.

Bet Angel offers a complete suite of tools all of which can all be used live or a using the fully-featured, risk-free, practice mode. Bet Angel can be used across multiple screens and its interface is fully customisable.

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Automation is easy to set up with the Guardian Advanced Automation feature. This allows complex automated betting based on timing, price triggers, comparative odds conditions and more. Automatically Cash-Out when your desired profit level is achieved and assure yourself a level profit greening no matter the result.

For those who wish to write their own automated betting or trading strategies, Bet Angel can link to Microsoft Excel offering automation opportunities that are limitless. Technical Requirements Windows Windows 7, 8, 8.

Trading on Betfair

Automation — Automate your trading through Bet Angel and allow yourself to be a more efficient and clinical trader. Ladder Interface -Vertical price ladder to view wider range of prices. Customisable, Spawn multiple ladders, easy to use.

Activating the software is easy.

If you have purchased the software or taking the free trial see HERE to view a video showing the simple activation procedure. See HERE for more details. Other courses available include online video training covering a rangte of topics.

Contact the academy for further details and to see if a course is available to suit you. See the ladder explained here Read More.

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